Ten Alps plc announces appointment of new CEO

Ten Alps plc announces appointment of new CEO

Ten Alps Plc, multimedia producer of high quality TV and radio together with integrated publishing and communications content is pleased to announce the appointment of Mark Wood as Chief Executive of the Group with immediate effect.

Kids’ Hospital at Christmas


3 x 60:00

Three-part series following staff and patients at the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital over the festive season. 15-year-old Emily has spent nearly all of the past year in hospital and now faces the possibility of a Christmas on the ward. Elsewhere, eight-year-old Hya’s kidney failure means that she now faces a risky transplant operation.

9th-23rd December 9pm Channel 5

Ten Alps Communicate Win Gold!


Ten Alps Communicate are the proud winners of a gold award at the Pharmaceutical Society Marketing Awards for their Sanofi Pasteur MSD ‘Wise Up to STIs’ Tool Kit.

At the glittering event at the Grosvenor House Hotel, London, before an audience of around 1000 from industry and agencies, they scooped gold in the Geoff Brook Innovation Award category. The awards recognise the best in advertising and marketing communication and highlight the most creative and engaging work in the industry.

Find out more from the news item ‘Wise Up to STIs‘ launched and their Sanofi Pasteur MSD case study.

Panorama: Ebola Frontline



British-born Dr Javid Abdelmoneim has his every moment filmed working in Sierra Leone at a treatment centre run by the charity MSF. Using specially adapted cameras, Dr Javid records the physical and emotional impact of this deadly virus on whole families and on the medical staff treating them. Even in these desperately difficult circumstances there are moments of euphoria as patients who have been cured leave the centre.

17th November 10.35pm BBC 1

Angelina Jolie for BBC Radio 4



Angelina Jolie shares some very personal insight into the important role that American war hero Louis Zamperini has played in her life in `The Louis Zamperini Story’, 11.00 Friday Nov 7 on BBC Radio 4.

7th November 11.00am BBC Radio 4

Hepster’s Dictionary



In 1938 the singer and band leader Cab Calloway became the first known African American to publish a book and call it a dictionary. His book of jive talk, Cab Calloway’s Hepster’s Dictionary, translated some of the lively and inventive slang being used among musicians and entertainers in New York’s Harlem, for a new audience of jazz fans who weren’t yet ‘hep to the jive’.

The poet Lemn Sissay finds out how Calloway, famous for his hit song Minnie the Moocher, came to write a dictionary, and how it became the official reference book of jive in the New York Public Library, at a time when black people in America were still highly segregated from the white mainstream.

Lemn speaks to Cab Calloway’s eldest daughter Camay Murphy who remembers Harlem in the 1930s and 40s, and Cab’s grandson Christopher Calloway Brooks, who is a bandleader himself, about how the language was used and how it developed. Jive grew out of older African American vernaculars, which had their roots in slave plantations in the nineteenth century. As people came up from the southern states to the northern cities to look for work jive developed around the world of jazz music, entertainment and night life in Harlem. It was a private, ‘in the know’ language, a form of protection, and a way to get past the authorities, but it was also fun and incredibly creative, like jazz itself.

Some words survive: hip, chick, groovy, dig, cool and beat. Other jive terms may no longer be in use, like collar to comprehend, pounders for policemen, or a rug cutter for a good dancer, but the words of jive remain a revealing portrait of Harlem in its heyday.

As the hipster image is back in the public eye, Lemn takes the word and its unique language back to its origins.

Producer Jo Wheeler

A Brook Lapping Production for BBC Radio 4

October 28th 11.30 am BBC Radio 4



2 x 60:00

This two-part series tells the story of the conflict in Afghanistan and asks what has been achieved in the last eight years and whether, after such a bruising experience, the British have the will to fight in distant lands again. Part one examines the build up to the conflict and reveals a story of misplaced hope and confused aims that quickly led to the very real threat of a catastrophic defeat.’ Blakeway production

26th October & 2nd November 9pm BBC 2

The winning team Mole Valley Farmers


NFU President Meurig Raymond, who was a member of the awards judging panel, congratulated the winners, while food industry marketing guru Hamish Renton was the keynote speaker at the event which was held at the National Motorcycle Museum near Birmingham.

“The Cream Awards have really built on their position as the benchmark Industry Awards,” says organiser Caroline Whibley. “For this, the second year of the awards, the entries were once again fantastic and the winning line up is hugely impressive.”

“I’d like to thank everyone who entered for helping us to keep the standard so high, the judges for their hard work and the speakers keeping us so well entertained and informed,” she says. “It was a superb evening, well worthy of the industry’s very best.”

The overall winner of THE CREAM AWARD sponsored by Merial was Mole Valley Farmers with Wyke Farms as runner up. The TASTE OF EXCELLENCE AWARD, sponsored by Morrisons Supermarkets was won by Yorvale, with two highly commended entrants
Belton Cheese and Burt’s Cheese for their wonderful cheeses.

For full details contact: Hannah@tenalps-publishing.com or cara@tenalps-publishing.co.uk

My Shakespeare


6 x 60:00

In each episode, one star will explore an iconic work by William Shakespeare, revealing their personal connection to the work and how it has shaped them professionally. They embark on a journey to find out how their chosen play was written, as well as meeting actors, historians, and directors to understand how the plays have been performed and developed over time. They aim to find out where Shakespeare got his stories from and what makes these plays, now over 400 years old, universally acknowledged as great masterpieces of theatre.

22nd September-27th October 9pm Sky Arts 1 HD

The Rules of Abstraction with Matthew Collings



How do we respond to abstract art when we see it? Is it supposed to be hard or easy? When abstract artists chuck paint about with abandon, what does it mean? Does abstract art stand for something or is it supposed to be understood as just itself? It turns out there are hidden rules to abstraction that viewers of this intriguing, groundbreaking programme may never have expected.

8th September 10pm BBC 4

David Hockney Documentary



BBC Two has commissioned a feature-length documentary about the iconic artist, David Hockney. The 105-minute film will be made by the team behind the award-winning film, Lucien Freud: Painted Life and broadcast on BBC Two in 2015 following a cinematic release by Picturehouse Entertainment on 28th November 2014. The programme was produced by Blakeway Productions, a Ten Alps Company, and Fly Film Company

Kim Shillinglaw, Controller, BBC Two: “Arts on BBC Two is all about bringing the biggest and best documentaries to the broadest of audiences, and I know this film will be a riveting and inspiring watch”.

HOCKNEY will be the definitive exploration of one of the most important artists of his generation. For the first time, David Hockney has given unprecedented access to his personal archive of photographs and films, resulting in a frank and unparalleled visual diary of his long life.

14th March 9pm BBC 2

Exposure: Don’t Take My Child



Exposure investigates how and why social workers are increasingly prepared to remove children from their birth parents through forced adoption.With powerful testimony from parents who claim to have been unfairly dealt with by the system alongside insight into the prevailing climate from leading social workers and legal practitioners, Exposure considers whether child protection is increasingly geared towards the permanent removal of children as opposed to providing the necessary support for families to stay together.

15th July 10.40pm ITV

Dispatches: The Great British Break Up



Antony Barnett investigates claims of dubious tactics and misinformation on both sides of the Scottish independence debate…

7th July 8pm Channel 4

Brook Lapping Wins Gold Award


‘The Secret History of Bossa Nova’ wins a gold award at New York Festivals International Radio Programme Awards

Brook Lapping has won a Gold award in the 2014 New York Festivals International Radio Programme Awards for ‘The Secret History of Bossa Nova’, first broadcast on BBC Radio 4, September 2013. The programme was presented by Monica Vasconcelos and produced by Simon Hollis. The ceremony was held in at the Manhattan Penthouse, New York City on Monday June 23rd.

Month of Madness


5 x 15:00

Professor Christopher Clark explores the complex sequence of events during the ‘July Crisis’ leading to outbreak of the First World War.

SARAJEVO – 23rd June at 9.45
VIENNA – 24th June at 9.45
BERLIN – 25th June at 9.45
THE FRENCH IN ST. PETERSBURG – 26th June at 9.45
LONDON – 27th June at 9.45

Written and Presented by Professor Christopher Clark Produced by Melissa FitzGerald

23rd-27th June 9.45am BBC Radio 4

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